Welcome to our family’s cruising adventure.  We’re an Australian family of four who decided to have an adventure with our children and sail from the Mediterranean back to Australia.  Our journey took us through the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean up through the Caribbean then through the Panama Canal.  From there we launched into the Pacific Ocean and sailed through some of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific before coming back home to Australia. We made landfall back in Australia in November 2012 and are slowly reintegrating ourselves back into life ashore after two years of indescribable fun.

This website is a log of our adventures. We initially wrote it for family and friends so they could share in what we did. Now it's a personal record and a constant memory of all that we achieved as a family and faithfully records both our highs and lows.

Please enjoy our pages, and share in our life changing journey.

 My name is Steve and I’m accompanied by my loving and faithful wife Cheryl and my two beautiful children Chelsea and Nick.  Together changed our surroundings and embarked on an adventure that changed the way we look at life.  An adventure that let us see life for all that it truly is and has created a legacy of quality time together that we'll treasure for a lifetime.