Thursday 1st December 2011

We motored up the Brisbane River and into Brisbane today. Truthfully, it felt upsetting. I know our adventure has to come to an end sometime but I'm just not ready for it to end yet. Seeing all the high rise buildings, the

big luxury river front houses and the people queuing in peak hour traffic made me shudder. I've been away from this sort of life for so long I'm not sure I want to go back into it.

This isn't a matter of “can I” as much as it's a question of “do I want to”. I know I'll change and adapt, but do I really want to become “that” type of a person again?

Friday 2st December 2011

Since we basically arrived in Australia broke, it's been high on my priority list to start work again and earn some money. GPA Engineering, the company I worked for prior to leaving Australia, was kind enough to offer me work again and since they opened an office in Brisbane I was given the option of starting up in this office, then transferring back down to Adelaide when the boat is sold and we move back to the burbs.

In my clean white shirt, my new trousers and those horribly uncomfortable new black shoes, I packed my laptop into my backpack and set off to work for my first day; feeling for all intents and purposes, like a child going off to school for the very first day.

Nick dinghied me ashore and I climbed up over the railings of the board walk, then collected a hire bike and rode off to work.

It's a hard feeling to explain, going back to work. I know I need to and in a way I was excited about it, because I love what I do. I love engineering and making things happen. I love designing and building unique things and I love solving problems. I just wish I could find a way to have a job and still keep the 8 hours with my family.